Biggest Investment is NOT your money, It’s your TIME

We care to save time for entrepreneurs like YOU who are passionate to serve consumers with best products and services. We believe that there are tons of things you want to make to have an impact on society and we believe that it is our job to equip you with Point of sales solution that saves you time and gives you complete control over store operation. Let us join your entrepreneurial Journey. 

Step 1

Table Management

1. User can add/delete table 2. Create sales channel to keep track of sale source, eg. Takeaway, Delivery, Online Order, etc. ​

Sales Dashboard

1. Add/Delete both Single & Set Menu (Price, Product Code, Image) 2. Add/Delete Category to display menu in order​

Bill Management

1. Paid bill can be retrieved and canceled if required. 2. Unpaid bill can be saved in the bill and retrieved to continue transaction​

Inventory Management

1. User can track inventory usage in real-time and create Purchase Order 2. Inventory is updated in real-time once any transaction is executed ​